Windfree works with commercial operations to help meet an organization’s sustainability goals and offset their energy use. Our turnkey renewable energy generation systems help businesses insulate themselves from utility increases that may have great impacts on their bottom line. These systems also help a business lower its carbon footprint. System sizes have ranged from 10kW to upwards of 300 kW solar systems. Several clients have augmented their solar installations with small wind turbines and electric vehicle charging stations.



Gould Farms - Maple Park, IL


Over the past few years, farms have been big players in the solar market in Illinois. Agricultural businesses have varying seasonal energy demands and plenty of land, allowing them to capitalize on the many benefits of renewable energy.  ComEd & Ameren’s Solar rebates have been huge in making the return on investment for farms & other commercial properties very attractive and feasible.


Solar System Size: 250 kW

Annual Energy Production: 334,321 kWh

Annual Cost Savings: $20,120

Passenger Cars off the Road, annual: 1,253


Grace Lutheran Church - River Forest, IL

Churches & schools across Illinois have been a driving force in the growth of Solar in the state. Solar projects align well with the values of most churches & schools and Illinois’ incentive programs provide them with the financial capacity to make their renewable energy aspirations come to life.


Solar System Size: 77.0 kW

Annual Energy Production: 91,228 kWh

Annual CO2 Reduction: 60 Tons

Annual Cost Savings: $5,465

Trees Planted over 10 Years: 40,902



Whiskey Acres Distilling Co. - DeKalb, IL


From the sun to your glass. Distilleries consume a lot of energy and places like Whiskey Acres have already taken advantage of the great solar incentives in Illinois.  Renewable energy systems can help attract customers while also showcasing a company’s environmental responsibility.


Solar System Size: 85 kW

Annual Energy Production: 90,900 kWh

Annual Cost Savings: $6,850


Gallatin Manor Retirement and Rehabilitation Centers - Carmi and Ridgway, IL

Solar knows no bounds in Illinois. This nursing & rehabilitation center in Southern Illinois is a combined roof & ground-mounted project that aims to help the facility financially and operationally, offsetting just under 90% of their total energy consumption.


Solar System Size: 584 kW

Annual Energy Production: 763,075


AGRI Business


The four featured projects make up 84,600 watts of solar. The roof and ground mount systems help to offset operating expenses and qualified for various incentives that made these systems profitable quickly.


Locations include: Babson Farms, 7 Oaks Farm, Drucker Farm, Midwest Ground Cover


Solar System Size: 84.6 kW

Annual Energy Production: 110,000 kWh

Annual Cost Savings: $13,350

Annual CO2 Reduction: 77 Tons

Planting Trees per Year: 3,076 Trees


1st Equity Bank - Skokie, IL


The 45,000 watt project covers nearly half of the building’s surface. The system produces nearly 60,000 kWh of electricity a year, which offsets over $7,200 in energy costs.


Solar System Size: 45 kW

Annual Energy Production: 59,850 kWh

Annual Cost Savings: $7,260

Annual Co2 Reduction: 41 Tons


JDB Manufacturing - Forest View, IL

This featured solar installation is a very common roof mounted system, which can be installed on multiple business rooftops. This project has a very strong financial return on investment while showing customers a commitment to making a positive impact.


Solar System Size: 25.3 kW

Annual Energy Production: 33,650 kWh

Annual Co2 Reduction: 23 Tons

Annual Cost Savings: $4,100

Planting Trees per Year: 919 trees


Field's Volvo - Northfield, IL

Vertical Vain Wind Turbines form a spinning garden with a small ground mounted solar array.  The roof of the dealership houses a 35,000 watt solar system to offset electric use.

The LEED Certified building uses 35% less energy than a normal building of it’s size.


Solar System Size: 36.4kW

Wind System Size: 6kW

Annual Energy Production: 55,120kWh

Annual Cost Savings: $6,690

Annual Co2 Reduction: 38.2 Tons


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