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Illinois adds solar jobs despite stormy forecast in Washington.
Chicago Tribune, March 2017

The number of solar jobs in the state increased to 3,718 workers in 2016, up 6.7 percent from the year before, according to a report released this week by the nonprofit Solar Foundation. That ranks Illinois No. 17 in the country for solar jobs, and employment numbers are expected to grow five percent in 2017. CLICK HERE TO READ

MCC's Shah Center hosts Solar Tour to teach residents about solar energy.
Northwest Herald, October 2016


The Illinois Energy Association held its 10th annual Solar Tour at various locations around the state Saturday, including at McHenry County College’s Shah Center. CLICK HERE TO READ

District 65 approves solar panels at King Arts magnet school.
The Daily Northwestern, November 2015


The District 65 School Board approved last month a plan to install solar panels at an Evanston magnet school by the end of the year to boost energy efficiency and to educate students about sustainability. CLICK HERE TO READ

Illinois Uber driver powered by solar.
Solar Power World, August 2015


While electric vehicles don’t necessarily always rely on solar power, Chicago contractor Windfree (No. 339 on the 2015 Top Solar Contractors list) often makes the two work hand-in-hand. CLICK HERE TO READ



Five 24-kilowatt string inverters will convert the DC power produced by the array into AC for use in the building. The system will save Shir Hadash more than $15,000 per year in energy costs, and will pay for itself in nine years. Shir Hadash will be working with WindFree Solar on this project. Once the system is installed, WindFree will set up the gateway monitoring system, train Synagogue staff on how to monitor the data and maintain the system, and inspect the system twice per year. WindFree will provide a two-year parts and labor warranty on the system. Upon completion of the project, Shir Hadash and WindFree will host a "Solarbration" open house for the congregation and the public, detailing the project's specifications and benefits thereby educating everyone on the benefits of solar power. CLICK HERE TO READ


Solar Panels Will Be “Greening Up” Shir Hadash Synagogue.

Chicago Tribune, July 2015



US Marine Corps solar PV installation.

July 2015


Windfree completes US Marine Corps Solar PV Installations Phase One 275KW System on July 1, 2015, ahead of schedule. A section of the project that was most recently completed is the largest solar project on a Marine base in Chicago. The project included a 78.75 kW system at the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Training Center on Foster Ave. in Chicago. President Obama's Executive Order 13514 mandates that at least 15 percent of existing federal buildings and leases meet Energy Efficiency Guiding Principles by 2015, and that annual progress be made toward 100 percent conformance of all federal buildings, with a goal of 100 percent of all new federal buildings achieving zero-net-energy by 2030. The U.S. government is the largest consumer of energy in America. It has roughly 500,000 buildings, and most of these buildings are energy-inefficient. Fifteen percent of 500,000 buildings is 75,000 buildings.

Windfree is rated no. 1 solar installer in Illinois.

Solar Power Magazine, July 2015

Solar Power World Magazine ranked Windfree as the largest non-utility scale installer for solar in Illinois. CLICK HERE TO READ.

Windfree wins the 2015 Bronze Sustainability award.

Supply Management Institute, April 2015


Windfree won the 2015 Bronze Sustainability Award, which was issued by the Supply Management Institute for its work making clean energy systems easier to procure.

Solar powered electric car charging station opens in Chicago.

Earth Techling, August 2013


Chicagoland's first solar powered electric car charging station has been completed according to an announcement today from AllCell Technologies and Windfree. CLICK HERE TO READ

Students take charge of renewable energy technology with Windfree.

Nvate, March 2013


The company behind the installation of the school wind turbines and solar panels defines youth education in renewable energy as part of its company’s philosophy. Windfree, a wind and solar energy design company, integrates educational programs and workshops into its business model, working with science teachers and students to develop renewable energy projects to be implemented in schools. CLICK HERE TO READ

Windfree completes the Grow Project.

Architecture Is Fun, May 2010


Windfree Wind & Solar Energy Design and Architecture is Fun teamed up to developed a wide range of products to help students explore the science of wind power through hands-on activities that focus on physics, meteorology, engineering and design innovation. CLICK HERE TO READ

Governor Quinn announces solar panels to be installed at Illinois Executive Mansion.

Illinois Government News Network, October 2010


Governor Quinn today announced plans to install solar panels at the executive mansion in Springfield as part of the 10/10/10 Global Work Party. The solar panels to be installed were donated by WindFree Energy Company in Chicago and BYD America in Arlington Heights. CLICK HERE TO READ