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Guinness Open Gate Brewery

Guinness Comes to Chicago


Chicago, IL




Q Cell 480w panels & SolarEdge inverter

Project Size

100 kW

About the Project

Harnessing the Sun: Windfree Solar's Innovative Project at Guinness Open Gate Brewery, Chicago

Guinness, a brand synonymous with innovation in brewing, has taken a significant leap into sustainable business practices with its latest venture in Chicago. The Guinness Open Gate Brewery, situated in the heart of the city, is not just another taproom; it's a beacon of sustainability, thanks to a remarkable collaboration with Windfree Solar. Here, we explore this partnership that brings renewable energy to the iconic brewery, blending tradition with modernity.

A New Landmark in Chicago

Opened as Guinness' second location in the United States and its first in the Midwest, the Guinness Open Gate Brewery quickly became a Chicago landmark. This establishment isn't just a place to enjoy a pint; it's a complete experience. With a taproom, restaurant, and the first-ever Guinness bakery, the brewery brings a slice of Irish heritage infused with a distinct Chicago flavor. The site brews five different beers, offering a unique local twist to its global brand.

The brewery's design pays homage to its location, with specialty glasses featuring the Chicago flag and windows that provide a view of the Metra trains speeding by. Even the food has a local touch, with items like Giardiniera on the menu, ensuring visitors get a taste of true Chicago culture.

Sustainability at Its Core

In a significant step towards sustainability, the brewery is powered by a large solar array installed by Windfree Solar. This initiative not only underscores Guinness' commitment to environmental stewardship but also sets a benchmark for the industry.

Key Solar Power Statistics:

Peak Power: The solar installation boasts a peak power capacity of 99.84 kWp, providing a significant portion of the brewery's energy needs.

Lifetime Energy Generation: Since its inception, the solar array has generated 63.15 MWh of energy, illustrating the project's impact over time.

CO2 Emission Reduction: The installation has saved 44,392.95 kg of CO2 emissions, equivalent to the environmental benefit of planting 738.83 trees.

These figures highlight the tangible benefits of integrating renewable energy solutions in commercial settings. The solar array not only powers the brewery's daily operations but also contributes significantly to its environmental goals, making the Guinness Open Gate Brewery a pioneer in ecological brewing practices.

Community and Culture

The integration of solar power goes beyond environmental benefits; it also resonates with the community-oriented ethos of Guinness. By adopting green energy, the brewery not only reduces its carbon footprint but also educates and inspires visitors about the potential of renewable technologies. The project is a testament to the possibility of harmonizing industrial activity with environmental conservation, creating a space where patrons can enjoy their favorite beverages knowing they are part of a larger, sustainable effort.

The success of the Windfree Solar project at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery sets a promising precedent for future collaborations between renewable energy providers and the beverage industry. As companies increasingly prioritize sustainability, projects like this one demonstrate the viability and benefits of renewable installations in reducing operational emissions and promoting green business practices.

The Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Chicago is more than just a brewery; it's a milestone in sustainable commercial ventures. With Windfree Solar's innovative solar installation, Guinness has shown that traditional industries can adapt and thrive while supporting ecological and community values. This project not only enhances the brewery’s operational efficiency but also strengthens its connection with environmentally conscious consumers.

Whether you're planning a night out or looking for a new date spot, consider the Guinness Open Gate Brewery—not just for its beers and ambiance, but for its commitment to a brighter, greener future. Here’s to good times, great beer, and a greener planet! Cheers to Guinness for leading the way.

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