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Whiskey Acres

Whiskey Acres


DeKalb, IL




SolarEdge, IronRidge ground mount racking, Seraphim solar panels

Project Size

185 kW

About the Project

Thrilled by this 185 kW solar energy system at Whiskey Acres Distilling Co. in DeKalb, Illinois! This project, featuring over 240 solar modules, represents a significant milestone in renewable energy and sustainable agriculture.

"Thanks to Eric and his team, we’ve slashed electricity costs by $75+K in electricity costs and diverted 460 tons of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of 7,000+ trees. Our 4,200 sq. ft. multi-use facility is on track to generate 150 megawatts of solar energy—enough to power the city of DeKalb. This clean energy production not only benefits the environment, but also resonates with the 25,000 customers who visit us each year."

- Jamie Walter, CEO, Whiskey Acres Distilling Co., DeKalb, IL

Thanks to our solar installation, Whiskey Acres will now save more than $75,000 in electricity costs annually. Furthermore, the project is set to divert 460 tons of CO2 emissions each year, which is equivalent to the beneficial impact of over 7,000 trees!

The new solar facility is not just a boon for the environment; it’s a powerhouse in its own right. With a capacity to generate 150 megawatts of solar energy, it’s enough to power the entire city of DeKalb. This project exemplifies how businesses can scale their impact to benefit larger communities.

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