Not only does Windfree design and install commercially, but residentially as well. Installing solar on your roof will help show leadership in your community, while providing a very practical opportunity to invest in creating a better planet for future generations. These systems also help you lower your carbon footprint. System sizes ranged from 1 kW to upwards of 15 kW solar systems. Windfree will customize our solution to meet your needs while making the project a simple process for you.


Private Residence

Wilmette, IL

The 5,000 watt project covers most of the building’s south facing roof surface. It uses a typical self flashing roof racking system. The system produces 6,650 kWh of electricity a year, which offsets over $660 in energy costs.


Solar system size: 5 kW

Annual energy production: 6,650 kWh

Annual cost savings: $660

Annual CO2 reduction: 4.5 tons

Private Residence

Burr Ridge, IL

This project consisted of a grid tied solar array, allowing the resident to offset a majority of their energy consumption while knowing they will always have power, even at night after the sun goes down.


Solar System size: 14.3 kW

Annual energy production: 21,900 kWh

Annual cost savings: $2,190

Annual CO2 reduction: 15.7 tons

Private Residence

Libertyville, IL

The homeowner wished to reduce their carbon footprint and their dependency on the utility company. Windfree was able to install solar panels and retrofit the entire home with LED lighting.


Solar system size: 13 kW

Annual energy production: 20,100 kWh

Annual cost savings: $2,010

Annual CO2 reduction: 14.1 tons

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