About us

Windfree is Illinois' premier wind and solar energy installer. We provide educational services to the Chicagoland community, and promise the most advanced design technologies and the highest efficiency solar panels on the market.

Transforming how we power our lives

We believe in a better way to power our homes and businesses at a lower cost to create a healthier planet. Windfree was founded in 2009 by visionaries and early adopters of sustainable technologies. Our team includes professional sales and project managers, and installers with over 40 years of solar, wind, and electric vehicle infrastructure expertise. Our team members have with extended education in environmental management, sustainability, and business and bring added value to every project. Our business partners include LEED certified and certified architectural design firms, licensed and bonded NABCEP certified electrical contractors, city and state certified installers, and minority owned suppliers.


Wind and Solar Energy

Our products

We search for the best available products, equipment, and services required to put the power of solar and wind energy in your hands. Our vast experience with solar, over 280 installations, familiarity with small and large projects, and our commitment to renewable energy, make us your top choice for your project. We have consistently developed projects that were on time and in budget. There are many benefits that go beyond dollar savings and we help our clients promote their project to stakeholders, employees, students, and the wider community. We help clients capitalize on the positive marketing and public relations value that a renewable energy project can generate. For any solar or wind project, small or, large, Windfree is your preferred choice.


The Windfree Foundation

The Windfree Foundation is granting technological solutions to local schools, worked with educators to develop curriculum around these technologies, and put solar and wind power into the hands and minds of the next generation of energy users. We are committed to transforming how we make and think about power.