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We have been selected to be your leading source of affordable, renewable energy in the Chicagoland area. 

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Who we are

Windfree Wind and Solar Energy Company was founded early in 2009 by a team of creative energy visionaries and early adopters of sustainable technologies. Windfree's team includes a well-respected, multi-disciplinary group of Chicago’s business, architectural, artistic and community leaders. The team believes alternative energy solutions must be researched, installed, monitored, tested and be supported by local legislation. For potential clients, from institutions to private users and from architects to families, we can assess energy needs, outline objectives, determine appropriate energy solutions, implement the necessary systems and processes from purchasing to installation and from project management to permitting and future energy planning. Windfree’s products and services are proactive responses and practical solutions to the energy crisis and are ways to move toward energy independence.


Save money. Save the world.

The Windfree Foundation

The Windfree Foundation is granting technological solutions to local schools, worked with educators to develop curriculum around these technologies, and put solar and wind power into the hands and minds of the next generation of energy users. We are committed to transforming how we make and think about power. We are the future.

Featured Project

Willrett Farms

We recently completed an installation for Willrett Farms in Malta, a town in Northwest Illinois. A total of 360 solar panels to power this large agricultural business.

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