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Energy Storage

Energy storage allows you to capture the solar energy that you produce. It allows you to use your own power even when the sun isn't out - that means you can power your property overnight, during outages, and only pull electricity from the grid when it is least expensive.

For homeowners and businesses in states that do not have net metering programs, energy storage systems help you to utilize all of your solar energy and not let your clean energy go to waste.


State by State

The need for battery storage solutions depends a lot on your particular solar project and also where you live. Ask a Windfree representative if energy storage makes sense for you.

Develop & Design

Energy storage systems are complex, unique systems that are installed in a custom manner in order to fit the needs of each household or business. You will need to choose what items you want the battery to send power to during outages, and what items you can live without during emergency situations.


Get Off the Grid. Own Your Energy.

Going "off-grid" is a very tall task and energy storage is at the heart of it.

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